About St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is an Anglocatholic parish in the Diocese of Arizona.

We celebrate Solemn Mass with incense each Sunday at 10AM and on church festivals as announced.  We are blessed to be the home of an historic, 1907 Whalley organ, one of only a few such instruments remaining in largely unaltered state in the country.  Our music and liturgy are traditional with an emphasis on chant and the musical heritage of the Anglican communion, but our beliefs are diverse and open.  We welcome and include everyone, most especially those who may have felt unwelcome in other churches.

This blog is intended as a supplement to our normal Sunday liturgy and music notes to allow for more extended discussion and examples of our weekly musical offerings.

Comments are welcome.  If you like what you see, then consider joining us for Sunday Liturgy at the corner of Maryland + 39 Avenue in Phoenix.  Phone: 602.354.7540

St. Mary’s Phoenix, Parish Website

Dr. Jeffrey Shy, Parish Organist

3 responses to “About St. Mary’s

  • newenglandsun

    is st. mary’s considered high church, low church, or broad church?

  • jeffreyshy

    St. Mary’s would be considered a “High” church parish by that nomenclature.

    • newenglandsun

      oh, good. i’m interested in high church settings but saw your site and wasn’t sure what to make. what’s it like converting to anglicanism? i come from a very odd background, grew up evangelical, didn’t really care until my senior year in high school, then became a fundie but then eventually, studying religious studies and history, became a bit of a liberal/atheist/agnostic/luciferian/satanist/occultist…okay just about a wreck in my head…

      recently, i was going through catechetical training to be received into the eastern catholic church but gave up and am not sure where i stand with god right now…i’ve never been baptised and i don’t feel god in me and am tired of all this head knowledge from formation. do i have to do anything to convert or do i just come and start asking questions?

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